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Honey Sale for Yee Hong Foundation

Our 1st crowdfunding initiative is to task kids to “sell honey’ and all proceeds will go to our first beneficiary – the Yee Hong Community Wellness Foundation (“YHCWF”), a registered charitable organization.  The Foundation raises all necessary funds to cover the operation expenses of services and programs of the Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care which benefits tens of thousands of seniors in the GTA area (


The task is straightforward. We will order jars of honey (330g) from a local farm at a cost of $4.2 each.  We request each family to spend a minimum of $100 to buy 24 jars and the kids will sell them at $10 each.  To order the honey, the family will pay $100 out of their pocket and all sales proceeds of $240 from the 20 jars will be donated to YHWF.  

The project ran successfully in Spring 2018.  With over 100 kids signed up and helped, we raised over $33,000 CAD to the YHCWF.  The kids did packaging, marketing and sales with the support of their parents and educated people around them about senior care.  We're so proud of all the kids who participated and a big thank you to everyone who helped and supported the campaign!

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